How To Lose Weight Sustainably?

Weight loss is a common goal for many people around the world. Weight is a complex for many people, and a health problem for some. Questions often come up about this: which diet should we prefer? What exactly should we eat? What sports are needed to lose weight? In this article, we will try to give you the most objective and concrete answers to these questions. In addition, we will only offer natural solutions to help you in your weight loss.

Diet: a key to weight loss

There is no miracle solution to promote rapid and sustainable weight loss. Wanting to lose weight too quickly is sometimes counterproductive and can even be dangerous for health depending on the method used. Losing weight in a few days is also impossible because it will automatically generate a yo-yo effect. There are many different and varied diets promising to lose weight quickly or sustainably.  Nevertheless, diet is the basis of all your goals to lose weight. Getting into sports without reviewing your diet will only stabilize your weight. To lose some, we will have to review the basics of healthy and balanced nutrition. Eating healthy is the key to successful weight loss naturally.

Eat healthy and balanced to lose weight sustainably

As you will understand, we will begin by reminding you of the basis of weight loss: rebalancing food. If you are getting fat, it is probably because you are not physically active. It can also be linked to a diet that leaves something to be desired. Don’t worry, we make all these mistakes! In order to lose weight, you should avoid certain foods and promote others. Forget about Draconian diets: they are false allies and usually lead you to a new weight gain. To lose weight naturally and sustainably, you must set a reasonable goal. Ideally, it is advisable not to lose more than one kilogram per week.

Thus, a balanced meal is a varied meal. It should therefore contain vegetable proteins (legumes, cereals), animal proteins (fish, meat, eggs) as well as vegetables, carbohydrates and good fats. In fact, you should not eliminate all sources of fat from your diet, but simply the most «bad». These include saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, which are found in processed products. Eating fat will not make you fat if they are good fats. On the other hand, eating meals too high in carbohydrates and sugary products will certainly make you fat. It is certain that this will at least limit your weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Sustainably?

Foods to focus on to achieve your goals

In your quest for the ideal weight, you will review your diet. This is a perfect opportunity to develop healthy and sustainable habits. Eat live food every day, including fresh, seasonal and organically grown fruits and vegetables. It is important to consume at least five servings a day as part of a healthy diet. It is estimated that a plate should be filled with plants, at least 50%. This will allow you to feel full after the meal, while eating as few calories as possible. Want a little tip to eat more fruits and vegetables? Bet on the juices!

Focus on protein and foods high in good fat, especially in the morning. Protein will allow your muscles to maintain themselves, or even develop through the practice of sport (1). They are essential in diet, especially when you resume physical activity. Do not neglect them. Finally, your meals should contain sources of good fats such as fatty fish, oilseeds or vegetable oils.

Limit bad fats and sugars

Fast sugars, in addition to being bad for the line, are also bad for health! Avoid all sources of fast sugar, such as chocolate bars, sugary drinks, industrial and processed products… Also avoid sources of saturated fatty acids such as sauces. Of course, foods high in fat (except polyunsaturated fatty acids) should be avoided. Pay attention to low-fat products. They’re also fake friends. According to one study, lighter products consumed every day are less attractive than traditional products consumed occasionally (2).

Make light meals in the evening

During the night, our body does not use the energy it ingests during the last meal of the day. So do not eat anything, at the risk of slowing down weight loss, or even reversing it! Ideally, you should consume less than 30% of the recommended calories for the day during dinner. Do not force yourself to finish your plate if you are not hungry, and take your time to eat. Fill half the plate with vegetables, and a quarter with starchy foods. In addition, there is a quarter of meat or a substitute (or vegetable proteins, such as pulses or cereals). Opt for small plates to curb your appetite. Do not hesitate to drink a large glass of water before each meal. During the day, you should consume at least a litre and a half.

How to Lose Weight Sustainably?

Focus on sources of dietary fibre

In weight loss, fiber can be a great support. It helps to control weight and reduce appetite. First of all, it should be noted that dietary fibre helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood. In addition, they will also gain volume in contact with water and liquids in the stomach. Thus, it produces a fast and lasting satiety effect. As a general rule, it is recommended to consume between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day. This is entirely possible by incorporating pulses and whole grains into every meal. For example, you can add oat bran to your meals, eat whole starches or add nuts and seeds to your preparations. In short, fiber will allow you to eat less.

Sport to lose weight sustainably

To lose weight naturally, it is necessary to combine a balanced and healthy diet with the practice of sufficient regular activity. Practicing sports is essential when you want to get rid of unwanted pounds and restore the body’s tone. It is even essential to draw your figure as fat is eliminated.

Sport will help you eliminate stored fat in the body, and allow you to enjoy a healthier life. It is inseparable from the rebalancing of food. For the more sedentary, walking is an excellent practice. It will allow you to gradually return to more intense physical activity. To lose belly, you can also target your exercises on the abdominal belt. These exercises can also target the thighs, buttocks, arms… According to your desires and especially, according to your goals!

It should also be noted that sport is essential for health. It takes only a few hours of walking a week to maintain your body. A healthy lifestyle, even without the goal of weight loss, requires the practice of regular physical activity, whatever it may be.

What sport to lose weight?

To the question "what sport to play to lose weight?" we answer: the one you want! With sport, the most important thing is to spend everything pleasing, and enjoying the well-being that it can bring us. Register in a room if that motivates you, or with a dance or group sports group. From an individual point of view, you can practice running to lose weight, swimming, cycling and all the sports that will require all the muscles of your body. Swimming is the recommended sport for all profiles. It helps to prevent and soothe pain related to osteoarthritis and arthritis, while taking care to strengthen the joints.

How to Lose Weight Sustainably?

Dietary supplements for sustainable weight loss

Sports and nutrition can be accompanied by taking dietary supplements. These, depending on their composition, can help you in your goal of weight loss. We recommend natural dietary supplements to lose weight.

Which dietary supplements to choose?

Some dietary supplements are natural fat burners. Others are amazing sources of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They all have a vocation to provide us with certain benefits. Here are the benefits we prefer for slimming.


Guarana has a very powerful effect on the metabolism. It makes it more effective, and therefore burn more fat even at rest. It is also used in many products to treat obesity and overweight. The caffeine it contains stimulates the basic metabolism, and thus increases caloric expenditure. Thus, guarana reduces the fat mass (5) (6). Guarana can also improve the duration of the feeling of satiety after meals, and thus allow better control of weight gain. It is ideal to consume as part of a slimming program!

Protein powder

Whether it is protein powder of animal origin (usually whey) or vegetable origin), know that the advantage of protein powder is that it is a very filling supplement, easy to consume and that exists in different tastes. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and cannot be stored in the form of fat (with rare exceptions) as is the case for carbohydrates and fats consumed in too large quantities. It is interesting to be able to consume protein powder at the time of the snack of 16h for example, accompanied for example by a fruit (the fruits are interesting for their fiber content). They are a great help in weight loss, but be careful, they should not replace your meals.


Spirulina is very rich in protein and various nutrients. It offers a powerful satiating effect and its detoxifying powers facilitate weight loss. In addition, spirulina purifies the body by promoting the elimination of toxins. But that’s not all! This cyanobacteria would also reduce blood lipids. Thus, spirulina will promote the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body, but also fasting blood glucose levels of people with diabetes. Its nutrient-rich composition makes it an exceptional source of food and nutrition, which will be useful for everyone’s weight loss goals. Not to mention that it is also an excellent source of vegetable protein!

Fish oil

Fish oil is a food supplement rich in omega 3 that fits perfectly in the logic of weight loss. It mainly contains omega-3 fatty acids that facilitate weight loss. In addition, it provides very good fats that limit the multiplication of fat cells in the body. Finally, fish oil also controls blood sugar levels, as does spirulina. This product promotes the proper functioning of many processes of the body. It is consumed to lose weight, but not only!

What to remember

As you will have understood, the goal is to lose weight permanently, not to get rid of it. To do this, you can start by working on your diet. It must be healthy and balanced. Next, consider starting regular physical activity to facilitate and accelerate the elimination of stored fat in the body. To help you with your weight loss, dietary supplements can also be a significant help. Choose them well and opt for quality products to optimize your efforts. This will help you lose weight, and make it sustainable.

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