How to Choose The Best Multi Vitamins

How to Choose The Best Multi Vitamins

Browsing any drugstore or super market to buy multi vitamins, you will know they come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a range of prices. Which multi vitamins is best for you? 

Finding out takes time and research, especially if you want to supplement for a vitamin deficiency brought about by disease or illness. In this case it is worth consulting a physician and nutritionist together to get the best vitamin advice and nutrition plan for you. An off-the-shelf multi vitamin may not contain the required nutrients in sufficient quantities. You probably want a supplement that is preservative free and color free, yet many store-bought vitamins contain these. Therefore, one of the best tips for personal health, or in creating a healthy eating plan, is to get custom-made multi vitamins.

Get Professional Advice and Get Informed

The first port of call should always be your physician, but you can also see a dietician and do some research prior to visiting the doctor's office so you will know the right questions to ask. Due to lack of training in medical school, there are gaps in herb and nutrition information within the medical community so it may be useful to present the reasoning behind your supplement needs. If you already know the predicted supplement action, this is also useful, so the doctor is better able to know how the supplement may act in the treatment of illness. Most healthcare professionals will tell you to take a standard pill, which may not be the best multi vitamin for your health, so some evidence based research is required to find the best vitamins, herbs and minerals for your particular situation or health concern. Mitamins has a wealth of nutrition advice and vitamin information from trained nutritional experts in our Library.

Follow the Mass Market Approach or Create Your Own Nutrition Plan

Generally most people will take a daily multi vitamin, and these often come as a customized formula, targeted for women's health, senior health, or a particular health concern. It is worth noting that formulas usually only contain the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of a specific vitamin, mineral, or herb, and that this value is the minimum dosage needed as part of a healthy diet. Often, an illness or disease can induce a vitamin deficiency in the body, so a dosage higher than the FDA approved value is needed in many cases to replace vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Of course this introduces the risk of vitamin overdose, so it is very important to seek professional advice. Mitamins is able to use your personal health profile to check drug-vitamin interactions, possible deficiencies, and avoid vitamin overdose.

Choose a Method of Delivering the Nutrients

Multi vitamins now come in many forms such as gel, capsule, chewable caps, drinks or tablets. Choosing the best vitamin delivery method is important. Time release multi vitamins may have some value in giving the supplement a high bio-availability compared to tablets because they provide a slow release of nutrients by being in the blood-stream for longer. Mitamins' multi vitamins come in natural vegetable capsules that are artificial color-free. Capsules are superior to tablets in a number of ways. Mitamins easy-to-swallow capsules dissolve quickly and are easier to digest than tablets, providing a high bio-availability of the supplements you need.

Taking your Multi vitamin - Get Used to it!

Less than 30% of people who buy vitamins, multi vitamins or other supplements stick to their vitamin regime. Too many supplement bottles end up expiring on bathroom shelves. An easy way to solve this problem is to create an all-in-one supplement that contains vitamins for all your health concerns, nutritional needs, and personal health profile in a single bottle. Mitamins is the only company now that can provide a custom-made formula addressing all your nutritional requirements in a single capsule supplement.

Once you create your all-in-one vitamin supplement, there are other ways to improve "supplement compliance." Taking a multi vitamin with meals can also help: if you get into the habit of taking a multi vitamin with your breakfast, the supplement routine will likely stick.

Yet Another Miracle Cure

If you are considering a multi vitamin regime, then you have probably heard of the benefits that certain nutrients can bring to the body. Practically every day new research is presented telling us how certain nutrients can prevent or cure disease such as cancer or diabetes, help weight loss, or high cholesterol. It is always worth actually reading these published studies yourself as results may not be repeatable with differing dosage and personal health profiles. There is plenty of specialist multi vitamin advice available on the internet, so make sure your information is from a trusted source.

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